The potential diagnosis of a life-threatening condition is without doubt an extremely stressful time for the patient and their family. Mr Pang understands and appreciates this especially given his extensive work on the Bone and Soft tissue tumour unit at St Vincent's Hospital and the Sarcoma unit at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

He is involved in the teaching of the importance of adherence to tumour principles to medical students, GPs and training surgeons, and was a member of the Cancer Council Australia Sarcoma Guidelines Working Party which was responsible for the development of the Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Adult Onset Sarcoma.

The importance of an accurate diagnosis cannot be understated. Surgery performed without appropriate investigations and diagnosis often lead to adverse outcomes. Mr Pang will perform a detailed history, examination and investigations as appropriate. These are often discussed in multidisciplinary meetings involving other oncology surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists to ensure an accurate diagnosis is made and most appriopriate management option is recommended.
Bone and Soft Tissue Tumour / Sarcoma surgery:

Management of these tumours can be very complex and Mr Pang is one of a few surgeons in Melbourne who has extensive experience in the surgical management of bone and soft tissue tumours / sarcomas. These include collaboration with other specialists of with similar interests (plastics, spinal and thoracic surgeons), complex resections such as the pelvis, utilisation of tumour / megaprosthesis and employing advanced computer navigation techniques to achieve precision tumour surgery.
Metastatic Bone disease:
Development of metastatic bone disease is distressing and can be debilitating. Management of this can be complex and many factors including patient's general well-being, type and progress of disease, as well as the level of pain and function all needs to be considered to ensure the most appriopriate treatment is tailored to the patient whilst avoiding unnecessary and potentially harmful procedures. Mr Pang will take a thorough history to take these into account and discuss the treatment option that is best suited to ensure the best outcome and quality of life.